The Challenges of Working from Home

April 15, 2016

I’m in a unique situation where I work full-time as a teacher by day, and run my business, Bath, Body, and Candle Moments, full-time from home in the evenings. Attempting to be productive when I get home is incredibly tough; I’m exhausted and my brain is still swirling from school, but over the course of the year, I’ve learned some strategies I’m happy to share.
When is it okay to stay in your pajamas?
My answer to this is simply: it isn’t. Nothing kick-starts your day quite like a shower (and a cup of coffee, who are we kidding), and putting clothes on. This doesn’t mean you have to sit home in a tailored suit, but showering and dressing gives a person order, schedule, and purpose. You’re setting yourself up in the mindset that you’re at work. It’s too easy to disregard so many things when we’re in our pajamas, because we’ve trained ourselves to think relaxation. Plus, it makes changing into your pajamas at night so much more gratifying because you’ve earned your rest time.
How do you say no to friends and family who want you to hang out or run errands for them while you’re at home and supposed to be working?
Your family and friends should respect the fact that you work from home, but that doesn’t stop people from asking. Creating a schedule for yourself is the best option here. If you set your time from 9-5, then those are your work hours, and when people ask, you explain that you’re at work. You have to set limits and boundaries to maximize opportunities. Most people who are working from home are entrepreneurs or in sales, and we understand that the time we spend not working on our business is time we’re not growing.
When do you find it necessary to leave the house and work someplace else?
For me, this comes down to whether or not other people are in the house. I really can’t concentrate on my business if others are around, so it relates back to my schedule. If I’m on a strict deadline, or I know I have a large order and need to get work done, I’ll grab my laptop and walk over to my local library.
How do you go on “break” when you work from home?
Some other ways I stay productive is using house-chores as my “breaks.” During my free periods at school, I spend that time grading and planning, because then it’s less for me to take home. During my “breaks” when working on my business, I’ll wash dishes, or do a load of laundry – these mindless activities relax my brain and get stuff done around the house.

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