Resolutions You Can Keep

December 31, 2015

I no longer believe in New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve developed the mindset: If you have a will, you find a way, if you don’t, you find an excuse. I spent too many years making resolutions that I just didn’t keep, but in my experience, I have learned that the best resolutions to keep for yourself are ones you can actually complete and receive immediate gratification.

Here are my tips to help you resolve to be a better you, and actually see results.

  1. Clear your closets! I’ve read of a tip where you flip your hangers around and any hanger still flipped after six months, get rid of the item. This is a great idea, but I don’t have six months to wait around. So, I go through my closet, and let’s be real here, you know what you do and do not wear. Get rid of those clothes that are taking up drawer and hanger space and donate to charity. I always donate mine to the Vietnam Veterans of America. You can even schedule an appointment for them to pick-up online!
  2. Change your bills to get delivered to your email. I hate checking my regular mailbox and it’s full of bills. One, I hate bills (who doesn’t), and two, I hate having to shred so much paper. Think of the trees! What I do now is write in a calendar book every bill on the due date, and when I get paid, I pay them and check it off on the calendar. Get yourself a calendar book!2015-12-31 00.02.39.jpg
  3. Throw away Christmas Cards. I know, I sound like a Scrooge here, but the season has closed, and the sentiments will be remembered. You don’t need to keep your fridge cluttered with cards. (Ok, you can save the one from grandma.)
  4. Clean out your refrigerator. This is always a daunting task in my household. Nightmares of Chinese take-out from goodness-knows-when linger in the depths of the cavernous drawers, but before you start growing a science experiment, get rid of stuff you don’t use and give it a good cleaning.
  5. Start grocery shopping online. This not only saves you time, but you are less likely to buy random stuff. For example, I broke my own rule and went to the supermarket today and threw in Oreo Creme Filled Chewy Chips Ahoy. It seemed like a great idea, until I got home and ate a row. Frank, my husband, quickly dislodged the rest from my grip and threw it in the trash. If I was shopping online, I would not have been tempted to waste $4 on it…or, I should say “waist.”
  6. Choose your hobbies wisely. It’s great if you love to do a million things, but spreading yourself too thin will still stress you out. It’s hard to be great at 100 things, but you can definitely pick 1 or 2 to master. Plus, hobbies are often expensive. Carve your year cleaner by picking what you really love.
  7. Clear out your old inventory. This works for everyday or for small business owners. Sure, it may hurt to sell your stuff at a dirt-cheap rate, but you’re not making any money by allowing it to rot on your shelf. This goes for items you don’t need or want – get to Ebay or Amazon and sell your stuff.
  8. Sign up for Amazon Prime. Seriously. It’s only $99 for the entire year, and you get FREE UNLIMITED two-day shipping on nearly everything, access to awesome music, movies, photo storage. It’s the best of the best. You can also share it with up to four family members. Heck, I even buy my deodorant on prime!
  9. Resolve to treat yourself to one small luxury. Whether that’s a piece of chocolate, a candle, a designer soap, a video game, just give it to yourself guilt-free…but not every day.
  10. Finally, pick up the phone and call the people you love. Even if you have to schedule it in your new handy calendar, just do it. It’s been proven that talking to your friends and loved ones not only boosts your relationships with them, but brings you greater health benefits. Be thankful we have a new year by spreading your love!

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, and Organized New Year!

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