Five Household Items That Actually Make Your Life Easier

August 13, 2016

Ever have a household dilemma that isn’t a big problem, but definitely annoying?  We face them everyday, but mostly just find our own work-around and then forget about it. But cheers to the innovators, the inventors, the visionaries, who see these problems and have the insight for a solution!

Five Household Items That Actually Make Your Life Easier

For me, that was canned foods. I’m not a big fan of the sludge that beans soak in while in the can, so I always rinse them off, but it’s a pain-in-the-neck to either try and maneuver the can to rinse it out, or have to go and get a colander just for that. Never something I thought about after the task was completed, but someone did.

All of the products I’m about to introduce you to actually solve these types of problems (including one for the can issue).  I own every single one of these items and they have proved to be extraordinarily useful in a world of junk we don’t need. All of these items are under $30, and most are even under $10, making these finds absolutely golden.

  1. The Jokari Snap-On Can Strainer – Open your can, snap on the strainer (and it’s designed to fit multiple sizes), then flip and drain! You can fill up the can with water and keep draining – it’s such a simple idea, but absolutely brilliant. Get it on Amazon for about $5!

2. Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool – I am extremely thankful that I never had to use this item, but have some peace-of-mind with it being inside of my vehicle. This nifty tool has a metal edge so you can crack your window, and a sharp inside knife to cut your seatbelt, just in case there was an emergency and you needed to escape your car. Get TWO on Amazon for about $3.50!

3. Portable Handheld Steamer – I absolutely hate ironing. Laying out the ironing board, trying to maneuver the clothes so you don’t get weird creases, waiting for it to cool down; it’s annoying. This little steamer is the solution. For one portable device, it packs a punch. All you have to do is hang up your clothes and steam them from the inside out – presto, wrinkles gone!  I literally have a $150 iron that I have never used because of this steamer. Grab it on Amazon for about $30!

4. Sani-Sticks – Enzyme Activated Drain Opener and Cleaner – Since making my own skincare and soap, I have tried to live a more natural lifestyle, and that includes household maintenance. We don’t always realize how much gunk falls down our drains, or how delicious that is for drain flies (if you’ve never had them, you’re lucky). The only way to really remove gunk is to snake out your drains every now and again, but as monthly maintenance, these sani-sticks really work wonders. Because they’re activated enzymes, they actually eat away at organic material (like the food that falls down the drain), which helps keep your drains clear. The suggestion is one stick a month (I throw in two), but I haven’t had drain flies since. Get a 48 pack on Amazon for $20!

5. AccuSharp Knife Sharpener – If you’ve invested money in quality knives (and you really should if you haven’t), then you understand you need to maintain them by honing them and sharpening them on a regular basis. Well, most knife sharpeners are clunky and really expensive, and then came along this guy – the AccuSharp. It is so incredibly simple to use, and extraordinarily effective at keeping your knives sharp. I went and bought one for my parents and always like to give it as part of a housewarming gift. Grab yours on Amazon for around $10!

Do you have any gizmos or gadgets that have proved to be especially useful around the house? Please share in the comments below!

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