Collections Make Awesome Gifts!

November 30, 2015 2 Comments

It's human nature to want to collect. I would make the argument that it dates back to our hunter-gatherer days where we strove to collect for survival.  Of course, we don't have to dig through the woods for dinner anymore, but the need to collect is inherent. Think about it... How many of you only read the first Harry Potter book? Only one episode of Game of Thrones? One state coin? One state stamp? One Precious Moments or Star Wars figurine?  Whatever it may be, I guarantee you find yourself collecting something. I promise you, everyone does it. Which is exactly why small collections make awesome gifts. You're fulfilling a need to feel whole.  Well, we have some awesome collections for you to gift this year (it's perfectly fine to gift yourself, too - you're awesome and you deserve it).

The Mermaid Collection Scented with Lavender and Jasmine The Mermaid Candle • The Mermaid Soap The Mermaid Scrubby

[gallery ids="741,740,746" type="square" link="file"]

The Road Rage Collection Scented as Coffee The Road Rage Soap • The Road Rage Candle

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The Beach Bumming Collection Scented like Sun and Sand The Beach Bumming Soap • The Beach Bumming Candle • The Life's a Beach Candle

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The Summer Break Collection Scented with Ocean Mist The Summer Break Soap • The Summer Break Candle • The Life's a Beach Candle

[gallery ids="739,743,745" type="square" link="file"]   In whatever you choose for gifts this year, consider offering up a small collection!  

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January 05, 2016

Love collections too. Good smelling ones and mugs. Oh, and earrings. LOL


January 05, 2016

I like your collections. The ones I have usually end up collection dust!

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